16.10.19 08:40 PM By Jared Shaw

Digitally save and share student art.

I have three kids and a fridge so covered in artwork I dare not open it for fear of all the paper cuts I'll get. With Artsonia my kids can digitally save their art, create galleries, add explanations and I can leave comments. As a teacher you can use this to clear clutter in your classroom, share with parents, other teachers or future classes. 

The app is super simple to use and is definitely useable by grades 1 and up. It works on any Android or iOS phone or tablet. Parents can purchase custom art keepsakes and Artsonia donates 20% to the school arts program. To date their website claims to have donated 9.4M dollars to schools through this program. 

You can read a more in depth review from Common Sense here but honestly it's really simple. 

Download Artsonia here -