Personal Storytelling Through Comics

10.10.19 05:10 PM By Jared Shaw

Personal Storytelling Through Comics

We all have stories. Throughout my childhood, my dad would tell me about life on the job as an emergency crewman working for the New York City Transit Authority. As he spoke, I imagined myself right there with him, walking down dark subway tunnels and speeding in a truck through the streets of the city. Those tales had a serious impact on my life; his experiences and the things he learned from them helped shape a sense of purpose and identity in my formative years. Even as an adult, the stories have never left my mind.

Dad deserves movies made about him; like big-budget, Martin Scorcese-type stuff. While those may not be in the cards right now, I still have options to tell his stories in a visual way. It took me some time to get there, but I finally found a special, practical means of doing just that: personal storytelling through comics...