If you've never taught ESL/ELL learners or haven't received training on how to do it, we've got 5 valuable strategies to share with you.
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What are the three rhetorical devices and how do you teach rhetorical analysis to students using comics in the classroom? Rhetoric is the art of persuasion, while the rhetor is the speaker or writer who is attempting to persuade the audience. Aristotle argued that there were three elements of persua...

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If you are a first-year teacher struggling to prevent student misbehavior or a veteran teacher who wants to finally master classroom management, use these effortless behavior management strategies in your classroom.
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What is the difference between ADD and ADHD? ADD stands for “Attention Deficit Disorder.” ADHD stands for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” A child with ADD struggles with inattention, while a child with ADHD struggles with both inattention and hyperactivity. For o...

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Digitally save and share student art.
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Take a picture, get the answer
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We all have stories. Throughout my childhood, my dad would tell me about life on the job as an emergency crewman working for the New York City Transit Authority. As he spoke, I imagined myself right there with him, walking down dark subway tunnels and speeding in a truck through the streets of the c...

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